Readings 5 Elements Tiatsu ™

Conscious Transitions


There are times in life that we have to move from one experience to another, and it may be difficult.  Something in our life that knocks us “off balance”.  Sometimes we think we are doing O.K. with it, but deep inside we are just covering up that all is fine.


Be it an illness, a death of a loved one, a move, or any life-changing event that requires our attention.  The key to moving through it is awareness.  How are we feeling from moment to moment, how are we taking care of ourselves, etc.  We can actually use these times for self-awareness, growing in a deeper way, watching ourselves as we move through it.

Everything in the universe, all life, is in transition.  From moment to moment nature changes, we change, we transition. All of nature is orderly, harmonious, balanced, and with purpose.  Transition is an act of changing from one state, form, activity, or place, to another. Every cell in our body changes from moment to moment, doing their perfect job in maintaining stasis.  Our thoughts and ideas are changing from moment to moment.  Images, thoughts, ideas, and emotions play the biggest part of how we address any given situation.  One need ask oneself just how present are we in our moment to moment thoughts?  Are you aware of the present moment?  Or are your thoughts in what happened yesterday or tomorrow? Are your thoughts of a positive nature of negative nature? How we think creates our world.  How we think affects the outcome of any situation.  There is no separation of how our mind affects our body and health and emotions.  Our thoughts DO create our reality.

Anytime we are moving from one way of being to the next it is a sort of death.  Change is not easy and most people fear it. Fear can be overwhelming.  We have to look at what it is and why we fear. Recognize it, feel it, and  learn to let go, because this too shall pass. 

“Waves are at the same time water.  A wave may like to seek its own true nature.  If the wave bends down and touches her true nature she will realize that she is water.  Then her fear will disappear. Water is free from birth and death.  This is our true nature also.  The wave does not have to look for water because it is part of the water.  We do not have look for God we are part of God” 

Thich Nhat Hahn


Whatever the problem is, may be a fact, but it may not be the truth. The Law of Consciousness states that what we believe about a thing affects what it becomes to us, through conscious awareness and what you are thinking. You are at the center of your interpretation of life.  We live in life, life flows through us, as it does all of creation.  There is a Divine order, life is expressing itself to us.  The practice of mindfulness is being aware of your thoughts and actions.  Being an observer of Self.  It takes training, time, and practice.  

Through talking, journaling, breath awareness, deep breathing, yoga, meridian stretching and flushing, and even dance and art, you can feel empowered and less fearful while you move through these life challenging times with grace.