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"I have been seeing Sharon for about 15 years.  She has helped me through various medical ailments, but most importantly I believe that by keeping my energy balanced, her work has allowed me to maintain overall mental as well as physical health.   Her personal warmth and genuine interest in her clients makes it a pleasure to be in her care, and I always look forward to my sessions."  Marilyn


"I started becoming a client of Sharon Fullington for Shiatsu massages soon after she opened up her studio in Libertyville in 1996. Sharon always listens carefully to how you are feeling and would apply that knowledge from you into her relaxing massages.  I continued seeing Sharon on and off through the years. My most significant experience was when I had no voice due to an accident involving a gas leak.  After seeing 17 doctors and specialist I was at my wits end.  Then I remembered Sharon.  I immediately called for an appointment and went to see her.  Sharon started me in sessions to relax my vocal cords and throat so they could heal. It was Sharon who was able to get my voice to return! I am truly indebted to Sharon for her expertise in her field of Shiatsu and Massage. Sharon is an incredible person and is always continuing her education with the mind and body.  Her Naturopathy natural approach are just a few of the extraordinary ways she can help each and every individual. I'm so glad she has become my friend and she is so highly respected by all who cross her path. How lucky we are to have Sharon Fullington.–Sandy W.


"Sharon has magical hands!  She has eased the pain of my shoulders after surgeries, taken away the pain in my back from a herniated disk, helped me manage and solve gastrointestinal issues, eased muscle tension and helped me with relaxation and all around better health.  I have been visiting Sharon for many years for  specific problems as well regularly for maintenance and balance to improve my life.  I always look forward to visiting Sharon and getting one of her massages.  Her positive and calming manner are always a welcomed addition to my day!" –Sharon M.


"“Sharon is not only a wonderful loving woman with very healing hands but very knowledgable and an expert in her field.”  Beth R.


“I have been a client of Sharon's for a very long time. Sharon is just a fantastic individual and she is extremely passionate about what she does. It is always a better day/week after having had an appointment with Sharon ... I highly recommend Sharon!!”  Dave. V.

“Sharon is a competent, dedicated Shiatsu professional. I thoroughly enjoyed the treatment and felt much more relaxed and whole after the treatment. I would recommend her to anyone looking to experience this type of relaxation and energy service.”  Faith C.


“Sharon is delightful. Her work is nurturing yet empowering.” – Joni W.


“Sharon immediately made me feel comfortable when experiencing Shiatsu Bodywork for the first time. I have been a client of hers for many years. It is obvious that she is extremely passionate about her work and cares deeply for her clients' well-being. She is a trusted wellness professional and a has a gentle spirit. I highly recommend Sharon!”  - Sarah V.


“Sharon is a true healer. I met her in 2007 with an injury in my shoulder that was causing problems and no one was able to help me. She provided the most healing massages and shiatsu massages I have ever had. She also provided care for me in Naturopathy with my overall health and wellness. She is a great listener and a warm, nurturing person. You will be delighted!!”  - Kristen S.