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Tiatsu Bodywork  



What is it?
It is actually shiatsu that is done a massage table; a blending of the word table and shiatsu.


It is for clients who are more comfortable on the table,

may have a hard time getting up and down off the floor

For shiatsu therapists:


1.    Who have a hard time working on the floor

 2.   For outreach events where a futon

       cannot be put down; you can bring a table.

 3.   Therapist can integrate more table techniques along

        with their shiatsu.


 Tell me more!  
Over the years some clients were having difficulty getting on and off the floor so Sharon started bringing her clients onto the table. Modifying her style while still keeping the focus of shiatsu work it seemed to flow beautifully. In 2010 Sharon got a knee injury and this made it hard for her to work on the floor (you crawl on your knees around the body) but she still wanted to do her shiatsu. She was familiar with modifying the shiatsu for the table. Because of this injury she had to stay off her knees for many months and her methods got better and better. So much so, that she is teaching it now to her massage program students. How it works The client is fully dressed in comfortable clothing while the therapist moves around the body going into meridians and pressure points all the while moving from center with two hands on the body. Putting the body into gentle stretches while you hold and support helps the client to let go and release. As a therapist….. Learn the body mechanics and meridians. This work is done moving around the body and moving your body. You sit on an exercise ball when working certain parts of the client. Your body moves, their body moves. It’s an energy dance that feels good to the client and good to you.

Sharon is available for private sessions and also teaching engagements.

* Tiatsu ™ (pending)