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Sharon Fullington

Balancing Your Journey



Sharonís References:

- Certified Bodyworker in Shiatsu

- Licensed Massage Therapist

- Bachelor of Natural Health

- Doctor of Traditional Naturopathy

- Certified Yoga Instructor

- Teacher at the College of Lake County in the Massage Therapy Program

Sharon has been in the complementary and preventative healthcare business since 1993 offering different types of bodywork and wellness care.


My Journey...Thus Far...


Body work: I graduated from the Ohashi Institute in 1995. Working at Ohashiatsu Chicago from 1993-95, I then opened up my own practice in January 1996. While training in Shiatsu, I also took classes in Thai Bodywork and Integrating Psychotherapy and Bodytherapy. I have taken classes in Craniosacral Therapy, Lymphatic Drainage, and Visceral Manipulation through the Upledger Institute. I have studied and taken classes in Tai Chi, Chi Kung, and Yoga. I had danced in a community dance troupe for 3 years and also learned Gabrielle Rothís Five Rhythms. In 2005 I graduated with my Bachelorís in Natural Health and continued to obtain my Doctor of Naturopathy degree through Clayton College of Natural Health in 2007. I became a Certified Yoga teacher through Yoga Options, with training from 2008-2009 




Mind work: I graduated from the College of Lake County in 1992 with my degree in addiction counseling.  I took many classes in psychology, always reading and expanding my knowledge on different realms of consciousness and the healing mind. In meditation and breath work, one is always learning from the inside out, and getting a better insight into the workings of mind. Quantum Theory and the laws of consciousness are a never ending learning process and I continue to educate and explore.  


Spirit Work: I have always been interested in the religions and belief of different cultures around the world. I have read many books on the subject of myths, religions, and spirituality.  I took a college class in World Religions and have attended many different workshops and events addressing spirit work. Through my training in Ohashiís shiatsu, I came to read and be intrigued by Buddhism, particularly Zen. I honor all people's paths to Divine Source; God. I was raised a Christian and I practice the teachings of Jesus. I am an Ordained Minister with the Universal Life Church and I have performed many ceremonies.



I have practiced yoga for years and am certified by the Yoga Alliance in teaching.  


Energy Work: I have self taught in learning the healing benefits of essential oils, sounds (I work with tuning forks), and the chakra system. Iíve had training with Dr. Eric Pearl to facilitate Reconnection healing.