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Spiritual Ceremony




Sharon Fullington is an ordained minister with the Universal Life Church .  With her background in Christianity, Buddhism, Eastern Philosophy, and the Native Religions, she is able to help you create a ceremony that is creative and individualized for you.


Marriage services include:


·       Planning your readings

·       Helping to pick individual vows

     ·       Planning what you would like to include in your service

·       What kind of atmosphere you’d like to create

·       The rehearsal

·       Officiating your ceremony at your location




Other services that Sharon officiates and helps plan:

naming/baptisms, rites of passage, and gravesides.



This is your special day, make it special for you.




What people have said…………..  


“Thank you for making the service unique and special”  -Pam


“Chris and I thought you were a perfect fit for us. The wedding ceremony was “magical” and quite beautiful.  Our family really enjoyed the event, felt very connected and spiritual. Thanks again” – Heather and Chris


“I have received so many comments from friends about how refreshing and tranquil your ceremony was.  A magical wedding and moving words, thank you so much”  -Nina and Jerry


“Thank you so much it was beautiful and original.” –Amanda and Anthony


“Our wedding was just beautiful-absolutely breathtaking.  It was by far the best ceremony I’ve ever heard.  Everyone commented on how meaningful all your readings were and how well put together it was.  I just feel so grateful-it was a ceremony that completely represented us-everything about it spoke of James and me as individuals and how we are/feel together.  We will never forget it.”  -Heidi and James