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Children Services


Do your kids…


        Spend hours on the cell phone


        Hours on the computer


        Hours playing video games


        Tuned into their I-pod a lot


        Stay in more than play outside


        Skip meals


        Eat fast


        Eat more fast food/prepared meals than home cooked


        Wired, hard to go to sleep, up too late


I know in this busy world, with a lot of parents both having to work, it is hard to raise a family like our grandparents did.  But it is up to us, as role models, to create a healthy lifestyle early in their lives.  


Children too, can benefit from my services;





        Relaxation techniques


        Learning stretches for tension release


        Eating healthy


        Whole food supplements when life is too busy


        A home stretch/meditation hour for your child and friends.  



For your child’s next birthday get-together or friends sleep-over, how about getting them all together to learn some valuable life skills.  Kids love it!



These are the kind of readings I am finding.  A majority of our children are not getting enough sunshine, exercise, proper nutrition and just plain old fun, unwinding time.  These are all the things necessary for a strong, healthy, happy growing body.


“A generation of British schoolchildren is failing to heed the healthy living message and is eating too much junk food and too few vegetables, exercising too little and drinking alarming amounts of alcohol.


Many of the children in school today risk dying a decade younger than their parents unless they radically change their lifestyles, one expert predicted.

(This was the most disturbing headline I read)


One of the surprising results of the survey is children's ignorance of how unhealthy their lives are.


While three-quarters of those who responded said they were eating healthily, their details revealed otherwise:


• 62 per cent admitted they did not eat the recommended five portions of fruit and vegetables a day and nearly a fifth (18 per cent) had less than three full portions a day.


• 39 per cent did not have breakfast every day, despite nutritionists regarding it as the day's most important meal; a quarter had it four times a week or less.


• A fifth of children admitted to going without any lunch at least at once a week.


• 63 per cent had at least one fast food/prepared meal a week with their families, potentially exposing them to high levels of fat, sugar and salt. Almost one in five had two or more fast food/prepared a week.


Children are putting themselves at further risk of obesity by failing to do enough physical exercise or sport.


Artificial food colorings, preservatives, and other additives may play a role in increasing hyperactive behavior among young children, a new study suggests.


British researchers found removing food additives from the diet of a group of 3-year-olds caused a reduction in the children's hyperactive behavior reported by their parents. And when the food colorings and preservatives were added back into the children's diets, the parents reported an increase in hyperactivity.


University of Nebraska-Lincoln nutrition scientist Judy Driskell said her recent study of preschool children living in Lincoln found two-thirds of them lacking the recommended levels of vitamin E and one-third short on vitamin C — a finding attributed mainly to parents sharing their eating habits with their children.


“Parents are eating a lot of lowfat and nonfat products, and we’re finding they also give their children such things as skim milk,” Driskell said. “The lowfat diet is probably associated with their being low in vitamin E.”



What we have to learn is they are setting up eating and lifestyles early in their lives that will be hard to break as they get older.  Let’s intervene now, they are our future.  Let’s invest in them.