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Laughter is healthy for body, mind, and spirit.  Laughter raises your endorphins and has been known to cure illness.  Read up on Norman Cousins. So when you get up in the morning...

1. Look at your morning face before you brush your teeth and smile big, you  may get a
2. Watch a funny movie.
3. Join or start a laughing group.
Read some tips below for adding more laughter to your life by O'enda Junkins




Laughter Tips for Relationship


1. Laugh together for 5-10 min. each morning.

2. Do one loving and light-hearted thing for each other each day.

3. Point out the day's absurdities to each other.

4. Seek out the humor in serious situations and share it with each other.

5. Put more fun into sex.

6. Consciously smile at each other more.

7. Stay playful in your interaction by keeping your voices and body language playful.

8. Renew your "real vows" once a week. (See The Belly Laughter Workbook.)

9. Take turns being responsible for the humorous thought for the day.

10.Giggle together right before going to sleep.

11. Play "Teasing Telephone Tag" by leaving outrageous messages.

12. Have a laughter match to see who can laugh loudest and longest.

13. Surround yourself with flowers. "The earth laughs in flowers." Emerson.

14. Practice laughing without control. Spit out food, wet your pants, wet each other's pants.

15. Echo each other's laugh. Laugh each time your partner laughs.

16. Count the number of times you laugh each day. Compete and share them.

17. Tell each other how much you enjoy the other's laughter and sense of humor.

18. Develop a fictional phone menu for different laughs. Press 1 for giggles, press 2 for chuckles, press three for guffaws, etc.

19. List the positive things in your day each day and read them to each other.

20. Play together one hour a week. Examples: Sing, dance, race each other, give exaggerated hugs, count smiling faces when driving together.


Laughter Tips for the Workplace


1. Look for the funny things that always exist like typos, the funny actions of your co-workers, your own funny behavior.

2. Give your projects comical names like Quasimoto or Thumper.

3. Have mindless toys on your desk and take short breaks to play with them.

4. Wear a funny hat to express or change your attitude.

5. Use cartoons to help with communication.

6. Play with the idea of stress--learn to celebrate it.

7. Laugh with your co-workers for a few minutes for no real reason at all.

8. Under your clothes, wear a T-Shirt with a saying that lightens you up.

9. Find playful ways to lighten up conflict with co-workers, ie., Certain toys that diffuse conflict; develop lightly humorous things to think or say; use comical visualizations that help you keep perspective.

10. Exaggerate and play with the issues that annoy you most.

11. Incorporate elements of a game into your work. For example, give yourself a prize for completing a project; divide the project into a football field and see each stage of completion as a first down; give yourself a cheer; develop a ritualized, playful way of turning on your computer.

12. Laugh for 5 min. in your car on the way to work.

13. Wear light-hearted, temporary tattoos that help you cope.

14. Wear a light-hearted tie, scarf, or some other kind of clothing that will help you feel good and playful. Wear funny underwear if it is a serious day or meeting and outer attire must match accordingly.


Small Tips for Fun in Relationships



1. Smile at each other when you first wake up.

2. Exaggerate your affection for each other—Make everything bigger than it is. Add a dash of silliness for fun. For example, holler " I love you." Tell each other of your undying love—compare it to the universe. Describe each other’s eyes in terms of romance—Blue as the deep, blue sea, green as a  Rajah’s emeralds.

3. Laugh together at the funny things you see and experience on a daily basis.

4. Go on a spur-of-the-moment picnic.

5. Dance together in the living room, in the parking lot, on the street, in the mall.

6. Read to each other before you go to sleep at night.

7. Cuddle up together on the couch when you watch TV.

8. Find some time during the day to enjoy a long passionate, romantic kiss.

9. Walk together holding hands—swing those hands.

10. Share at least one bit of humor each day.

11. Tell each other the good things about each other.

12. Make a special time each day to laugh and talk—just the two of you.

13. Practice hanging out together over a cup of coffee, a coke, or a glass of wine.

14. Develop lots of different, playful ways to say I love you. You can use different accents or languages, create a banner for your living room, develop a card, write it on the mirror in lipstick.

15. Use your imagination to develop playful greetings for each other like a dramatic hug, enthusiastic joy at seeing each other, overdone messages about missing each other.