Readings 5 Elements Tiatsu ™

 Life Principles


Change is never easy, but it is part of life. We don’t like it because it is unknown to us. And what is unknown can cause us fear. I ask you to ask yourself why does the unknown have to be fearful? How many times have you done something in your life that was new and unfamiliar and it had turned out to be the best thing you’d ever done? Why can’t we go into the unknown with the thought "this may bring joy"?

Michele O’Donnell, as a health care provider, minister, and counselor for over 30 years, shares with us certain principles in the earth, that if applied to healing any phase of life or situation, will heal. I will share them with you.


    1. Never "own your affliction"
    2. To focus on the problem is to let it empower your mine and to subconsciously cling to it – never allowing yourself the possibility of release. There is a difference between dealing with what you have to deal with, and building a shrine to it.

    3. Do not allow your situation to mesmerize you
    4. Never stare at it long enough for it to become a part of the deep-down-inside, real you.

    5. Look beyond what your eyes see
    6. Are we responding to Wisdom or are we responding to fear? Eyes that focus on the beauty of Life will surely see only the goodness of Life.

    7. Keep the river flowing
    8. Life is like a rushing River that flows through eternity.

    9. Realize divine Life as the source of all life
    10. Life is always complete, always fulfilled, always in perfect order and harmony no matter what my beliefs, fears, and failures.

    11. Look and feel in the direction you wish to go
    12. Feel your wholeness. Believe in the perfection of your being.

    13. Allow only those thoughts you wish to experience


The answers we are looking for come only in the silence of the soul. Stop and listen for the direction to come.