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Prayer Treatment: Formula for Prayer

– from Eric Butterworth



You pray with a consciousness, not as an escape from it. Prior to your prayer, reflect on God as a healing flow through you and that God loves you. Your thoughts concerning any subject is a prayer treatment. Are you conditioning with negative energy? Turn it to a positive.

When you sit still and know that I AM, your praying is an action: affirming and treating. We are a creature of action i.e. feeling of wholeness or sicking, we are always treating ourselves with some focus of consciousness.

*Law of Consciousness: What we believe about a thing affects what it becomes to us.*


3 Step Formula:

bulletRelax and let go of the problem
bulletGrounded in silent communication at the still point within and then
bulletProject the energy built up in your silent time through affirmative words


Speak your affirmations, your words. You speak because they are true, not to make them true. The truth is true because you affirm it. "The father knows what you need before you ask Him." In time with practice, you may simply close your eyes, go right into consciousness of oneness, and experience a conviction that it is finished, all is good.

When you are trying to work a problem. Whatever the problem is, it may be a fact, but it is not the truth. So you affirm the truth to be established in the awareness of the greater potential that is within you.

bulletAsk yourself what is bugging you? What are you worried about? Make a list, 1,2,3….. priority on top.
bulletDivide your paper into 3 sections with the problem as the header.
bulletColumn 1: description of problem, fears, anxieties, resentments, etc.
bulletColumn 2: how do I think things should be. Transpose Column 1 to an ought ness….i.e. I ought to be…..
bulletColumn 3: "I am" statements. Transpose Column 2 ought to be’s to "I am’s"

You repeat it over and over again to know it IS so. Just like children repeating their math tables over and over again. Not to make it so, but to align their thinking and figuring of the immutable mathematical principles. You pray not to God, but from a consciousness of God.