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The Road to Pregnancy

Getting your body ready for fertility with relaxation, massage, visualization, and whole food supplements designed for a healthy fertile environment.






Infertility to Conceivability


  Getting pregnant, women feel, should be something all women should be able to do just naturally, when we make that choice to do so.  Unfortunately with women waiting till later years to get pregnant, and/or if she is on years of birth control, a diet that is lacking in proper nutrition, and/or a lifestyle of rushing and excess, all play a part in the process of getting pregnant more difficult.

  General well-being, relaxation, good diet and exercise help forge the way to conception.  Let me help with looking at all these aspects and let’s set things right, sort of speak, as we get you healthy and strong in body, mind, and spirit.


Addressing the:


Body – possibly looking at a detoxification program for you and then adding some good nutritional and naturally organic 100% food source support.


Mind – helping you to de-stress and relax by teaching proper breathing techniques with a personal stretching and yoga routine.


Spirit – Using the breathing, quieting the mind for visualization with positive thoughts and affirmations for welcoming this new being into your being.






Nutritional support available:



Women’s Renewal MetaCore: A clinical strength, multi-care formula with the nutrition of 25 organic fruits, vegetables, and endocrine-restorative botanicals, 3 billion immune-enhancing probiotics, antioxidants, whole food nutrients and cold-milled organic hemp protein.


Chaste Tree Berry : Promotes a healthy balance in the female endocrine system.  Supports reproductive function.


For-Til B12: From the tillansdia plant, a special type Vitamin E and high concentration of sex hormones.


Ovex: Ovarian nutritional support, enzymes that help make progesterone


Wheat Germ : A cold pressed Vit. E source that protects against spontaneous abortion and supports tissue integrity.


Tribilus: An herbal blend that supports normal reproductive function and hormone levels.  Also for vitality and stamina in both men and women.


      Pregnancy Care


Shiatsu can help ease the problems of digestion, elimination, sleeplessness, and everyday aches and pains common in pregnancy.  Shiatsu is a natural tranquilizer. A woman’s emotional state during

pregnancy may affect her developing baby.  It is found that severe or prolonged emotional stress can cause an abnormal build-up of various chemicals in the mother’s blood that crosses the placental barrier and enters the babies’ bloodstream.  Though it is not possible or necessary for a pregnant woman to stay stress free all the time, she should try to prevent stress and anxiety build-up from reaching high level.  A healthy happy pregnancy is the goal and an easier, less fearful delivery is the reward.  Whole food supplement for a healthy pregancy.


   Mind and Spirit Care


     Birthing is more than giving birth, it is being there with attentive consciousness and feeling spiritually connected with your baby and something divine.

To give birth is not always a comfortable experience, but when we are prepared in our minds and spirits we can be lifted to place of calm within the pain.

When you are prepared for a birthing you are more relaxed and calm.  You can use this moment of birth to attain a higher level of consciousness, feel your connection to the divine and experience a beautiful peak moment.


Learn how to bond with your baby before birth and have a conscious union during pregnancy, making it easier and less stressful for you and your baby.  Opening your heart to open your body.


Expand your heart and mind, relax your body through:

·        Bodywork with heart

·        Learn breathing, stretching and meditation for relaxation

·        Counsel


Learn the power of your own body.  You don’t have to tense up and interfere with the body’s natural process.  You body knows what to do.