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Your 7 Swirling Centers


Major centers of both electromagnetic activity and vital energy are recognized in indigenous cultures the world over. 
In the Huna tradition of Hawaii, they are called AUW centers; and in the Cabala, they are the TREE OF LIFE centers. 
In the Taoist Chinese tradition the term is DANTIEN, and in Yogic theory they are called the CHAKRAS.
–William Collins, Subtle Energy

The word chakra means disk, vortex, or wheel. The meridians are the transport system, the chakras are the energy
 stations. The chakras reveal how your history plays into current systems. Every emotionally charged event you have
 experienced is imprinted and recorded in your chakra energy. Memory is energetically coded in your 
chakras just as it is chemically coded in your neurons. Electrical oscillations in the skin above the chakras are in 
the frequency of 100-1600 cycles per second, as contrasted with 0-100 in the brain, 225 in the muscles, and 
250 in the heart.* Your physical and psychological evolution, as well as your spiritual journey, are reflected in your chakras.
Your chakras pull and send energy in/out from your environment. They are spinning clockwise and counter clockwise and 
distributing and sending energy to and from  your body. Light and color move through these chakra centers. 
Since colors are vibrations of energy, each chakra has a vibrational relationship with a particular color.
*study by Valerie Hunt
Listed below are the 7 chakras and their corresponding information.
Chakra Location Color Influences Organs
Root Base of spine Red Early life, survival, support, earth Sexual organs
Pelvic Top of Pelvic to belly button Orange Womblike container of imagination and creativity.  The essential you Womb, small and large intestines
Solar Plexes Belly button to rib cage Yellow Personal ego, logical you Kidneys, spleen, adrenals, liver, gall bladder, stomach, pancreas
Heart Over heart Green Chalice for joy, sorrow, where you see, hear, feel others Heart, thymus, pericardium, lungs
Throat Over heart Blue How you speak, express yourself Thyroid
Third Eye Between eyebrows, above nose bridge Purple Sense of transcended self, abstractions, psychic development Eyes, ears, pit, gland hypothalamus, low and midbrain
Crown Above head Crystal clear Connection to the heavens, and the realm of spirit All chakras and organs